I walked easy and slowly with steady steps. Its amazing, the feeling that you get when nothing goes your way and you’re still ready to walk on. It feels as if you’be been stripped of every security and still you don’t feel insecure. You feel the presence of a strength that comes from being in touch directly with the world, the universe around you. You feel naked and yet you feel comfortable. You haven’t slept or rested yet you feel strong. You walk alone yet you feel a strong presence around you. Its as if the cosmos stretches its arms towards you with a smile and ask you to just trust… to just go with the flow.

I planned to go to Vasihno Devi (Jammu & Kashmir) the coming weekend by bus. But I didn’t know that as I would be driving back from the service station after first service ( 500 kms ) of my bike, Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark 350, I would be struck by the idea to drive all the way to Vaishno Devi and back on my motorcycle. woking taxis

I started at 0400 hrs from my home in NOIDA on friday 25/may/12. It was still dark quiet and cozy. The streets were mostly deserted. It took me about 40 minutes to get onto the NH1 that leads from Delhi to Jalandhar also known as G.T. Karnal road.

Even in this peak summer season of may/june its quite chilly in the morning and even more so on the bike. I drove across Sonepat, Panipat and took my first stop at Gharaunda (Karnal). It took me about 2.5 hrs to travel this distance of 133 Kms which I did at speeds of 55 – 60 Kmph. Engine was still in the run in phase and I had to be patient.

After having a cup of tea and stretching a little I started off again, next stop being Ambala. I then crossed Kurukshetra and took the flyover that turned left towards Ludhiana, under which goes the road straight to Chandigarh. I took my next stop somewhere just outside Ambala city at around 0930 Hrs.

It was starting to get hot now, the air around me turned, from chilly to warm to extremely hot in a matter of 6 Hrs. Sun was almost overhead as I travelled across NH1A through the dust that was rising from the construction work going all along the highway.

As I shot across the highway going up and down over the numerous flyovers, I felt that I could do this all day long, taking stops every 2 hrs or so. I thought about reaching Katra by nightfall. But this resolve was soon shaken by the hot blasts lashing my whole body. As I neared Ludhiana I steered my bike into the city, off the highway that lead to Jalandhar.